Termination of Skobbler SDK1 Program

After considerable thought about the future direction of our company, we have decided to terminate our Skobbler SDK program. While we are not going to immediately deactivate the API keys, we are no longer supporting the Skobbler SDK and over time, the functionality will become more limited. If access to navigation functionality is important to you, you should prioritize migrating to an alternative platform before access to the Skobbler SDK functionality is no longer possible. Unfortunately, we will be unable to notify you individually before access is blocked.

We thank you for your support of the program and apologize for any inconvenience our decision may cause you.

Skobbler SDK Support

Dear User of the SCOUT Navigation Application,

As we have previously indicated on this page, and in accordance with the terms of the SCOUT End User Terms & Conditions, we have ended our support of the SCOUT application. Additionally, as of March 1st 2020, SCOUT is no longer available for download. Services provided in connection with the SCOUT product, such as routing, are no longer available and content cannot be purchased. Previously installed copies of SCOUT will not be supported with updates.

Due to the lack of support, SCOUT will no longer function in a satisfactory manner. We recommend you discontinue your use of SCOUT.

This will be our final notice regarding SCOUT. We apologize for any inconvenience ending support of SCOUT may cause you, and we thank you for having been a part of the SCOUT community.

Best regards,

The SCOUT Support Team

1 Also referred to occasionally as “Your SDK” or “Scout SDK”.